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23 May Asking Permission To Birth Your Baby?!?

About 12 years ago, while I was earning my doula certifications, I attended a birth that had such an impact on me, the situation still lingers with me to this day.  To complete the doula program, I was required to attend three births and then...

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16 May 5 Ways I Have Remained (Somewhat) Sane As a Mother

BY GWEN HORWITZ I saw the photo this drawing is based on, taken by @daniloxton on Instagram, and aside from immediately wanting to create a drawing out of it, it also evoked so many feelings of early motherhood for me. The way the two of them are...

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16 May Podcast: Conversations With A Midwife

Home birth midwife, Tanya Wills openly talks about why one may want to choose a birth outside the hospital setting, the difference between the medical model of care and the midwifery model, as well as the need for midwives to unite on their approach to...

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09 May 7 Steps to Surviving Early Motherhood

The first few weeks of motherhood can be daunting and throw even the most confident, successful woman for a loop. Here are 7 tips aimed to help make this transition a little smoother.   Get out of the house. Unless there is inclement weather, you and your new...

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09 May Podcast: Why I Chose A Home Birth

How a mother chooses to birth is very personal. While I was pregnant, I kept my birth choices private. I am a prenatal yoga teacher, labor support doula and Lamaze teacher; I didn’t want my students to feel I disapproved of their birth plans based...

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02 May Podcast: Dancing with the Fear of Birth

This week, Deb discusses the effects of fear on labor, and the importance of taking some time to uncover your personal fears around your upcoming birth. Join us as we learn how to dance with the fear. [audio mp3=""][/audio]...

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Kelley Potter. Photo: Jade Young.

25 Apr Podcast: Ballerinas and Babies- American Ballet Theater’s Kelley Potter Discusses Motherhood and Dancing

In today's podcast I had the privilege of interviewing Kelley Potter, ballerina for American Ballet Theater. Kelley openly talks about balancing life and career as a professional ballerina and the struggles she has faced. Kelley's honesty and candor is sure to inspire you! For more about Kelley...

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18 Apr Why I Chose A Home Birth

While I was pregnant, I kept my birth choices private. I am a prenatal yoga teacher, labor support doula and Lamaze teacher; I didn’t want my students to feel I disapproved of their birth plans based on the fact that I was preparing for a...

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25 Mar Preparing Your PARTNER For Birth!

Much of the literature and information pertaining to the unfolding of birth is geared towards demystifying and preparing the mother.  However, there tends to be less focus on how to prepare the partner for the birth experience and how to be a helpful and vibrant...

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23 Mar Lessons from Lucia

BY GWEN HORWITZ   Using Motherly Intuition & Snippets of Parenting Books I Say I'll start Reading Tomorrow for Toddlerhood My husband Josh and I started potty training our 2.5 year old Lucia on Friday, February 26th. We followed the appropriately titled Oh Crap! Potty Training book in...

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Plan your pregnancy before you are pregnant!

16 Feb Planning Your Birth BEFORE You Are Pregnant

I am going to throw out an idea that may sound completely crazy to many people;  Start to think about your birth BEFORE you are even pregnant!  I know for many people there is enough anxiety and anticipation around getting pregnant and then the trials...

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12 Jan Defending The Doula

A few nights ago, I was quietly lying in bed reading when I stumbled upon the article, "More Doulas Can Help Lower the Cost of Childbirth.  There's Just One Problem," by Elissa Strauss on  I was intrigued and excited that an article supporting the...

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dad and mom

03 Dec Vulnerability and Birth

Since my decision to start a podcast, I have been devouring as many different podcasts I can find to learn about the different styles, themes and content.  Interestingly enough, it seems, no matter where I look, I come across Brene Brown and her discussion of...

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standing OM

11 Nov Is Your Fitness & Yoga Routine Helping or Hindering Your Birth?

One of my students recently forwarded me a link to a very pregnant yogini doing extremely advance yoga poses.  She asked me my thoughts on this trend.  I have to admit, this is something I have been noticing in social media and I am quite...

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10 Nov Preparation and Acceptance for the Birth of a Mama: Andrea’s Birth Experience

By Andréa Takacs-Carvalho (thegaiahealer on Instagram) My son's birth story started on the day I met my husband. Previously, I had no desire to be a mother. I never heard the ticking of a biological clock. I also had a great fear of making the same mistakes my parents did....

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29 Sep Tuesday Tip: Body Work!

In conjunction with a exercise, healthy diet and good prenatal care during pregnancy, body work can really add to a woman’s positive pregnancy and birth experience.  Body work can not only help ease and relieve pregnancy related issues but can also help prepare the mom’s...

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pelvic floor image

10 Sep Too Tight or Too Loose- What is Going On With Your Pelvic Floor?

[caption id="attachment_17608" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Copyright © Kenhub ( ; Illustrator: Liene Znotina[/caption]     Perhaps I should stop using the word "Kegel" when referring to pelvic floor work.  I think the reason I still use this word is because most everyone knows the basic idea of the area...

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17 Aug Deb’s Book Club and Book List!

[embed][/embed] It's time for a book club! We're revisiting a post from 2010, but this time I want to delve back into these books with the PYC community. We'll be reading one book a month, starting with Ina May's Guide To Childbirth. At the end of the month...

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04 Aug Tuesday Tip: Remember You Are Still You- Not Just “Mommy”.

All of a sudden, you are no longer being called by your first name by anyone!  Even the guy at the deli is remarking on how cute your new baby is and calling you, “Mommy”.  Yes, you have birthed a baby, you have a new...

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13 Jul The 4th Trimester: Making the Choice for Self Care With Postnatal Yoga

Originally published with Choices In Childbirth Many women find themselves surprised by the physical and emotional challenges of the “4th trimester.” This part of the journey into motherhood is often glossed over by friends and family. The focus often shifts from the pregnant mother to the...

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06 Jul Better Birth; Eliminating Intrauterine Constraint

What makes some births faster then others? Often, it is the baby’s position in the pelvis. The optimal position is when the baby is head down, with it’s chin in line with the birth canal, evenly tucked into it’s chest, and the baby’s spine is...

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22 Jun “Freezing” the Biological Clock

Guest Blogger: Ali Epstein Delaying motherhood is a common topic for discussion among women and their partners, especially in cosmopolitan areas like New York City, where ambition and high achievement are rampant, career priorities cause people to marry later and these two factors, together with the...

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15 Jun Study: Yoga During Pregnancy: Effects on Maternal Comfort, Labor Pain and Birth Outcomes.

I am a bit of a self- proclaimed geek! I love to examine studies and findings that are related to childbirth education and prenatal yoga. I spend countless hours reading Medscape, childbirth blogs, and Midwifery Today. A few years ago the Journal of Perinatal Education...

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