Prenatal Yoga Center is here to guide you through the sometimes bumpy road of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

Prenatal Yoga Center is here to guide you

*Through community, you find support so you know you aren't alone

*Education will help you make informed decisions about your unique pregnancy and birth allowing you to be active participant in this experience.

*Yoga provides more ease, balance and comfort to your body to help you have a more functional birth.

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OPEN AT OUR NEW SPACE: 141 W. 72nd St. Unit 1 New York, NY 10023

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Pregnancy and transitioning to parenthood is difficult for many, no need to go through it on your own. 

Prenatal Yoga Center is here to hold the space for you as you grow into this new role of parent. We hear and see the challenges you face with physical and emotional discomforts of pregnancy and the postpartum period. 

We offer yoga to help bring more ease to your body and mind and preparing you for a more comfortable pregnancy and helping you heal and strengthen postpartum. 

“We aim to empower women to take an active role in their birth so they can emerge feeling heard, seen, understood and supported.”

Deb Flashenberg

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We also offer a series of online classes, so don’t hesitate to check them out!

Meet our Founder, Deb Flashenberg.

My job is simply to offer pregnant people evidence based information, guidance and support, empowering them to make decisions which are right for them. It is never appropriate for me as a teacher to put my own birth beliefs on the shoulders of my students. I had my births on my own terms, now it’s their turn to find their path.