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Prenatal Yoga Center helps prepare your body and mind for a strong and energized pregnancy, efficient and easier birth, and smoother recovery.
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More than yoga
Prenatal Yoga Center provides our community with educational workshops so you feel confident during your pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.
Yoga | Birth | Babies Podcast
At Prenatal Yoga Center, we believe knowledge can be very empowering during pregnancy, birth & parenthood. That's why we offer free resources like our podcast, Yoga | Birth | Babies.
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PYC is here to hold the space for you and your growing family. We see and hear the challenges you face with the physical and emotional discomforts of pregnancy and parenthood.

Prenatal Yoga CLASSES

We offer yoga to help prepare your mind and body for a strong, energizing pregnancy, efficient and easier birth, and a smoother recovery. 

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Our prenatal yoga classes celebrate community, incorporate childbirth education, and address common aches or pains in your body. We offer in-person, online, live & on-demand classes to fit your busy life & growing belly.
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New Parents

We offer a variety of classes for new parents including postnatal yoga, support groups, infant CPR, and more! Check out our courses for new parents below.
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Teacher Training

Our 85-hour prenatal teacher training has been developed and refined over the past two decades. We offer a unique blend of in-person learning PLUS an extensive online video library of evidence-based, cutting-edge research and material that has transformed how prenatal yoga is taught.
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Curious about our classes?

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Benefits of prenatal yoga

Comfort & RELIEF

Learn how to modify yoga poses & alleviate common pregnancy pains.

More effecient Birth

Align your body and baby for a more functional and efficient birth.

Learn Coping Skills

Gain tools, skills and support to work through any birth scenario.

pelvic floor health

A well-balanced pelvic floor can help with the birth and postpartum healing.

Gain COnfidence

We weave childbirth education into every class so you can feel confident & empowered during your pregnancy.

Community & Support

Connect with other new and expectant parents, in-person & online.


We understand that life works on its own timetable. The classes and workshops we offer may not fit into your schedule. With that in mind, we have created an on-demand library of prenatal yoga classes online so you can take the classes you want when you want!

We offer everything from Infant Safety & CPR, to Comforting Techniques for Birth, to Yoga en Español. 


Free Resources

Yoga | Birth | Babies Podcast

Free Guide: 5 Questions to Ask Your Care Provider Before Your Birth

Set realistic expectations, create clear communication, and feel confident!

Free Guide: 5 Simple Solutions to the Most Common Pregnancy Aches & Pains

Perfect for those days when you can’t make it to class!

Free Online Videos

A collection of on-demand videos to cover the basics.

Learning Center

From birth stories to useful tips, a series of blogs to help guide your prenatal and new parent journey.


Simple Solutions for the 5 Most Common Pregnancy Pains

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