Policies and Guidelines

The Prenatal Yoga Center honors and respects the journey of pregnancy and new motherhood. With that in mind, we have created guidelines and policies that offer flexibility while maintaining the integrity and intention of our yoga program and other professional services. We appreciate your understanding and observance of our guidelines and policies and look forward to serving you.


  • Prenatal, Postnatal, Baby & Me, and Infant Massage are ongoing; you may start at any time.
  • For Prenatal, Postnatal, and Baby & Me yoga, you do NOT need to commit a specific day, and you are never limited to a certain number of classes per week.
  • Online live and re-release¬†yoga classes can be canceled one hour prior to the start time of the class.
  • Enrollment for live and re-release classes is cut off 10 minutes prior to the start of the class.

Why An Expiration Period For Class Packages?

We have built our teaching philosophy based on a three pronged approach: fostering community, addressing the aches and pains of pregnancy, and integrating childbirth education. We believe the best way for the student to reap of the benefits of our teaching and community is to attend class on a regular basis. To accommodate the busy lives of our students, we offer 19 prenatal yoga classes a week.


  • Class packages are valid for a limited period of time. Prenatal Yoga 8 Class Packages are valid for 70 days. Postnatal and Baby & Me 8 Class Packages are valid for 6 months
  • Unlimited class packages are valid for 31 days and cannot be extended. You may suspend your monthly unlimited pass when you give birth and use remaining time within six months of delivery.
  • Classes that are not used by the expiration date are forfeited.
  • Prenatal class packages (except Prenatal Unlimited Packages) may be extended one time for 2 additional weeks for a $10 fee, and Baby & Me and Postnatal packages may be extended for an additional 1 month for a $10 fee. Please note that this extension includes all remaining classes, and the extension must be purchased BEFORE the package expires. Class packages may be extended one time only, and cannot be extended again after this time. Workshop registrations are not eligible for this extension.
  • Unused classes will NOT be carried over to another pregnancy.
  • Class packages have no cash value.
  • All fees once paid are non-refundable.


With the exception of bed rest accompanied by a doctor’s note, the Prenatal Yoga Center cannot be responsible for providing additional make-ups or issuing any credit for classes missed as a result of scheduling conflicts, vacations, illness, emergencies, or other circumstances beyond our control.

If you are put on bed rest, please notify the studio immediately and any remaining classes will be transferred to Baby & Me or Postnatal Yoga.


The Prenatal Yoga Center cannot be responsible for providing make-ups or issuing any credit for classes missed as a result of scheduling conflicts, vacations, illness, emergencies, or other circumstances beyond our control. We strongly recommend you complete your courses prior to your 37th week. We will not refund any payment due to labor after your 37th week which is considered full term, however we will offer 50% credit for any missed workshops or events due to premature labor.

If you need to cancel your commitment to a workshop, you must cancel at least two weeks prior to the event. You will receive a refund minus a 10% processing fee. If you cancel within two weeks of the workshop, if the space can be filled, you will receive a refund minus 10% processing fee. If the space cannot be filled there will not be a refund.

Latecomers will be admitted to class at the teachers discretion.

Please note: These classes are intended to serve as a resource to the pre and postnatal communities. If you are not pregnant or recently pregnant, and you are hoping to “observe” class or take class in order to get a sense of what is covered, we ask that you respect the privacy of our community. Please see our Teacher Training Program, offered several times a year.

For questions about us, please first check our FAQ area