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November 16, 2023

The Benefits of a Postpartum Doula

Learn about what a postpartum doula does and why hiring one can help you to navigate the early days of becoming a parent.

A postpartum doula is an invaluable support system for new parents navigating the challenges of welcoming a new baby. Their role extends beyond just assisting with the baby; they provide holistic support to the entire family, ensuring a smoother transition during the postpartum period. Here are some of the invaluable benefits of having a postpartum doula by your side:


Comprehensive Postpartum Support

The recovery process after birth can differ greatly depending on the individual’s birthing experience, especially if one has undergone procedures like a C-Section. A postpartum doula offers tailored assistance, ensuring optimal healing and recovery. This includes managing and understanding post-birth body changes. A postpartum doula also provides evidence-based information on other various aspects, including infant feeding, emotional recovery, and mother-baby bonding.

Nutritional Guidance

Ensuring that the birthing parent consumes regular meals and stays hydrated is crucial, especially for those breastfeeding. A doula ensures proper nutrition, which is often overlooked amidst the responsibilities of caring for a newborn. 

Breastfeeding and Infant Care Assistance

Breastfeeding can be challenging for many. Doulas, with their expertise, guide parents through nursing positions, latching techniques, and offer insights into pumping. They also assist with newborn care, including diapering, bathing, and soothing.

Emotional and Physical Support

The postpartum period can be emotionally taxing. Doulas offer companionship and understanding, helping parents navigate feelings of loneliness, fear, or postpartum blues. They also assist with the physical recovery after birth, especially if there were any complications or surgeries like a C-Section. Sleep deprivation is a common challenge faced by new parents. A postpartum doula ensures that the birthing parent gets adequate rest. 

Household Assistance

From light housekeeping to running errands, doulas ensure that parents don’t feel overwhelmed, allowing them to focus on bonding with their baby. 

Education and Empowerment

Doulas “mother the parent” and nurture the entire family, sharing education on family adjustment and helping parents feel more confident in their roles. They empower parents, helping them discover strengths they didn’t know they had.

In conclusion, while the joys of welcoming a new life are unparalleled, the challenges that accompany this phase are real. A postpartum doula acts as a beacon of support, ensuring that the birthing parent and the baby transition smoothly into their new roles. With the right support, this journey can be made more fulfilling and less daunting.


How long should you use a postpartum doula?

Most postpartum doulas provide services for a few days up to several weeks after bringing home a new baby. The duration varies based on individual needs and preferences.

Are doulas worth the money?

In my opinion, yes, doulas offer invaluable support, guidance, and education during the challenging postpartum period, making them a worthy investment for many families.

What should I look for in a postpartum doula?

Consider their experience, training, philosophy, services offered, availability, and personal fit. It’s essential to ensure they align with your family’s needs and preferences.

How to find a postpartum doula?

Postpartum doulas have gained popularity recently. You can check reputable organizations, ask for recommendations, visit local prenatal centers, or search online platforms like DONA International or CAPPA for certified doulas.




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