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Childbirth Preparation

"Bringing the joy and lessening the fear" This class will prepare you and your partner to labor and deliver in the manner that suits you - not dictate one type of birthing. Seminars are non-judgmental, well rounded and pragmatic.

3 month access

Prenatal Yoga for Your Mind, Body & Baby

Enjoy 4 one hour classes offering the perfect balance of an invigorating vinyasa, juicy seated poses & quiet meditation to connect to baby. Each class attends to common pregnancy aches & pains, pelvic floor balancing & coping skills for labor.

6 week access


Power Pack: Prenatal Yoga for Your Mind, Body & Baby

This collection of 9 classes addresses your daily aches and pains and are designed to help balance and strengthen your body so your baby can move through your pelvis more easily. .

6 week access

Comforting Touch For Birth

Learn a variety of massage techniques & acupressure points to use during labor to bring comfort, both during & between contractions. Understand the fundamental principles of skillful touch so partners have the tools they need to succeed in provide.

3 month access

Go Beyond The Basics: A Lactation Course For Pregnant People

You will learn about your baby's nursing instincts and how to support them so they know how to latch on properly- and comfortable for you! We will also touch on nutrition, baby care, your baby's weight gain and trouble shooting common problems.

3 month access

Caring for Your Newborn

Our Newborn Care Class helps expecting families become confident and familiar with what to expect once your little one has been born. We will start with the day of your baby’s birth and move forward into what to expect in the first weeks postpartum.

3 months access

Pushing Power

Learn how to push safely & effectively and protect your pelvic floor muscles during birth. Feel empowered to make informed decisions during labor. Gain a deep understanding of the second stage of labor.

6 month access

Infant Safety & CPR

Prepare for emergencies in our CPR & Safety class. This class helps parents & caregivers care for & protect infants & children. Learn techniques to help your infant or child in a choking emergency, basic first aid & carseat safety.

21 day access


VBAC Workshop

This workshop will help you make informed decisions before planning for a VBAC. You'll learn how to maximize your chances of a successful VBAC in our maternity care system, including understanding statistics and evidence-based information options.

3 month access

Prenatal Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a wonderful option for pregnancy. Pelvic instability can be a common issue during pregnancy, which is often accompanied by pain and discomfort. Chair yoga offers a way to modify a more traditional practice so there more pelvic support.

1 month access

Restorative Prenatal Yoga

Restorative yoga is a deeply nourishing and healing practice. It is a wonderful way to offer your body self care and it is a beautiful way to connect with your body and baby.

1 month access

Restorative POSTnatal Yoga

This 50-minute postnatal restorative yoga practice offers new parents the opportunity to rest and restore. Quality rest is incredibly healing and offers you the chance to feel more like yourself again.

1 month access

Infant Massage

Infant massage provides many benefits including improved sleep, stimulated appetite, decreased postpartum depression, relief for constipation, gas, and colic, and increased paternal and caregiver bonding.

3 month access

¡Bienvenido A Yoga Prenatal Para Tu Mente, Cuerpo Y Bebé!

Disfrute de 4 clases de una hora que ofrecen el equilibrio perfecto entre una vinyasa vigorizante, posturas sentadas y meditación tranquila para conectarse con su bebé.

6 semanas acceso

Free Resources

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Perfect for those days when you can’t make it to class!

Free Online Videos

A collection of on-demand videos to cover the basics.

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