25 Mar Preparing Your PARTNER For Birth!

Much of the literature and information pertaining to the unfolding of birth is geared towards demystifying and preparing the mother.  However, there tends to be less focus on how to prepare the partner for the birth experience and how to be a helpful and vibrant...

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16 Feb Planning Your Birth BEFORE You Are Pregnant

I am going to throw out an idea that may sound completely crazy to many people;  Start to think about your birth BEFORE you are even pregnant!  I know for many people there is enough anxiety and anticipation around getting pregnant and then the trials...

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12 Jan Defending The Doula

A few nights ago, I was quietly lying in bed reading when I stumbled upon the article, "More Doulas Can Help Lower the Cost of Childbirth.  There's Just One Problem," by Elissa Strauss on  I was intrigued and excited that an article supporting the...

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11 Nov Is Your Fitness & Yoga Routine Helping or Hindering Your Birth?

One of my students recently forwarded me a link to a very pregnant yogini doing extremely advance yoga poses.  She asked me my thoughts on this trend.  I have to admit, this is something I have been noticing in social media and I am quite...

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10 Nov Preparation and Acceptance for the Birth of a Mama: Andrea’s Birth Experience

By Andréa Takacs-Carvalho (thegaiahealer on Instagram) My son's birth story started on the day I met my husband. Previously, I had no desire to be a mother. I never heard the ticking of a biological clock. I also had a great fear of making the same mistakes my parents did....

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29 Sep Tuesday Tip: Body Work!

In conjunction with a exercise, healthy diet and good prenatal care during pregnancy, body work can really add to a woman’s positive pregnancy and birth experience.  Body work can not only help ease and relieve pregnancy related issues but can also help prepare the mom’s...

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