August 4, 2015

Tuesday Tip: Remember You Are Still You- Not Just “Mommy”.

All of a sudden, you are no longer being called by your first name by anyone!  Even the guy at the deli is remarking on how cute your new baby is and calling you, “Mommy”.  Yes, you have birthed a baby, you have a new role and responsibilities in your life, but you are still you.  It can be easy to forget that and lose your personal identity.  When the dust settles and you have found some sort of routine, work some of your pre-baby interests back into your life.  Even just taking a walk to your local coffee joint by yourself can allow you to shed the “mommy-role” and offer you a glimpse back to who you are.  You do not want to lose your sense of self. It that essence of who you are, your values, beliefs and sense of humor that you will rely on to influence the choices you make as a mother and how your children view you.




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