May 9, 2024

Understanding Your Newborn Baby with Wendy Hunter, MD

Have you thought about what happens right after baby is born?  Today we dive into what to expect following baby’s birth and how to navigate the first 12 weeks of life.  We discuss many topics including umbilical cord care, circumcision care and even how to bathe your baby.  We also dive into the subject of feeding and what to anticipate the first week.  Although the newborn phase may be overwhelming, our guest Dr. Wendy Hunter, approaches this conversation in an accessible way that makes it easy to follow and understand.  

Dr. Wendy Hunter joins us to have this discussion today on, Yoga| Birth| Babies.  Wendy Hunter, MD is a pediatrician in San Diego, CA. She rounds on newborns at Scripps Hospital. Her podcast “The Pediatrician Next Door” mixes the science of medicine with the realities of parenting.  She incorporates integrative therapies into her practice.

Dr. Hunter would like to normalize the anxiety parents may feel during the newborn phase.  She encourages parents to recognize the anxiety they feel during this period is okay and normal.  She says that having a baby and acknowledging the responsibility of taking care of the child, may cause anxious thoughts.  She wants parents to know that they are not alone and there are resources and ways to find help.  She recommends that parents use their pediatrician as a resource to answer questions and give advice regarding their newborn.  She also reinforces there are professionals that want to assist parents during this time and recommends parents seek help.

In this episode you will learn:

  • About Dr. Hunter and what inspired her to become a pediatrician.
  • What new parents can expect after birth.
  • What parents are allowed to delay in the newborn care procedures.
  • About the vitamin K shot and the antibiotic eye ointment newborns receive.
  • When a baby gets a bath.
  • Which vaccinations babies typically get in the hospital before going home.
  • What parents can expect when feeding their baby.
  • About the natural, expected weight drop of a newborn. 
  • About the effects of an epidural on birth weight. 
  • About the practice of skin to skin immediately after birth. 
  • When to have the conversation about postpartum and newborn procedures with your birth team.
  • A piece of advice Dr. Hunter would like to offer new and expectant parents.
  • How to connect with Dr. Hunter.

About Dr. Hunter:

Wendy Hunter, MD is a pediatrician in San Diego, CA. She rounds on newborns at Scripps Hospital. Her podcast “The Pediatrician Next Door” mixes the science of medicine with the realities of parenting. She incorporates integrative therapies into her practice. One of her most interesting episodes explores the mysteries of human milk and explains what researchers have discovered about the health benefits of HMO molecules that are found in human milk and virtually nowhere else. She practices yoga and her 16 year old son has incorporated weekly yoga sessions into his weightlifting schedule.

Connect with Dr. Hunter:

Podcast: The Pediatrician Next Door

Instagram: @the_peditrician_next_door

Blog: Dr. Wendy Hunter

Clinic location: La Jolla, California

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