May 11, 2024

Birth Story: A Beautiful Birth and a Challenging Postpartum with Courtney Vasserman

Today we have a beautiful community birth story from Prenatal Yoga Center graduate, Courtney Vasserman! I personally loved this story and think it will be inspiring, relatable, and encouraging for our community to listen to. Courtney takes us through how she prepared for birth, including the methodology and tools she found incredibly impactful from classes at PYC, along with the coping skills she used and how those varied from early labor, to active labor, to transition. This story is absolutely beautiful, as Courtney speaks on the empowerment and trust she found in her body, yet honest in the sense that she doesn’t shy away from describing her postpartum challenges- pelvic floor issues, breastfeeding struggles, and feelings of isolation. I appreciate how she opens the curtain to what a lot of people experience, and offers affirmation to those who need know they aren’t alone and will get through it.

Sharing her birth story today on Yoga | Birth | Babies, Prenatal Yoga Center graduate Courtney Vasserman grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and currently lives in New York, where she has worked as an advertising strategist since 2012. She lives in Manhattan with her husband Alex, her mini Bernedoodle Muffin, and now her 4.5 month old baby girl Sophie, who she is so in love with. She has always dreamed of being a mother.

Courtney would like to offer the advice that it is okay to slow down, especially in the postpartum experience. She acknowledges that, especially for those like her who are career driven and type-A, it may be hard to learn and accept this concept in the first few months. However it is okay to spend five days in bed when you’ve just given birth! It’s okay to ask someone else to hold the baby or not go on that mile walk. She reminds us to acknowledge the little accomplishments in those tender postpartum months. Courtney reassures that you don’t need to be running around, and that slowing down will be better for both you and your family in the long-run.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About Courtney
  • How her family’s birth stories have influenced her perception of birth
  • How she prepared for her birth 
  • How she used her pregnancy as a time to learn about her body and the process it was going through
  • Her birth story
  • Her postpartum challenges
  • A piece of advice Courtney would like to offer new and expectant parents

About Courtney:

Courtney grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs and has lived in New York working in the advertising industry since 2012. She has always dreamed about becoming a mother and is so in love with her baby girl. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, Alex, 3 month old, Sofie, and adorable mini bernedoodle Muffin.

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