March 30, 2022

Newborn and Childhood Vaccinations with Dr. Ana-Maria Temple

The vaccination schedule for your baby can feel daunting. It also may seem a little strange,  you might wonder why a newborn needs to be protected against Hepatitis B? Between frequent visits to the pediatrician and fears you might have over adverse reactions to the vaccines, many parents wonder how they can best support their child. 

In this episode of Yoga|Birth|Babies I speak with holistic pediatrician Dr. Ana-Maria Temple about newborn and childhood vaccinations. In an easily digestible manner, she explains the vaccines babies are given and why they are given at such a young age. We discuss the possibility to delay certain vaccines and why a parent might consider doing that. Dr. Temple also offers resources and questions you might ask your pediatrician to get everyone working together and ensure care is aligned with your family’s goals. As Dr. Temple says “If you understand the why, you can then make decisions and choices.” 

In this episode you will learn:

  • Learn a bit about Ana-Maria and how she decided to focus on pediatrics.
  • An explanation of how vaccines work.
  • What vaccines newborns get.
  • What a parent should expect after their baby has their first round of vaccinations, fevers, fussiness? What’s normal?
  • The typical vaccination schedule.
  • Reasons to deviate from what the AAP recommends for vaccination schedules.
  • Is it OK for parents to pick and choose vaccines?
  • Should baby get the Hep B vaccination in the hospital?
  • Advice about taking a baby out in public before they have their first vaccinations.
  • What are some signs and symptoms a baby may have an allergic reaction to vaccinations? 
  • Outdated and retracted studies behind how vaccinations were connected to autism. 
  • A tip/ piece of advice Dr. Ana-Maria offers new and expectant parents.
  • Where you can find her work.

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About Dr. Ana-Maria:

Dr. Ana Maria Temple is a holistic pediatrician, best selling author, mother of 3, an award winning speaker at Harvard Club of Boston, and has had over 100 TV News and Podcast appearances. From 2016-2017 she lived and worked in the New Zealand medical system where she started putting functional medicine into practice. In her 22 year career she has treated over 36,000 patients in person and hundreds via online courses. Her passion is to inspire, educate and empower mamas to revamp their families health and prevent children from developing chronic disease.

Connect with Dr. Ana-Maria:

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