January 30, 2019

Healing After Birth: Recovering from Birth Trauma

Between 25 and 34 per cent of women report that their births were traumatic. Given this staggering number, how many of these people have the support or tools to safely heal and recover from their birth experience? In this episode of Yoga | Birth | Babies, I speak with childbirth educator, doula and author, Jennifer Summerfeldt.

Jennifer and I dive deeply into the impact of birth trauma on the postpartum experience, the relationship of postpartum depression to birth trauma and finally tools to recovery if you experienced birth trauma. This meaty, powerful conversation may help put words and understanding to unrealized trauma.

In this Episode: 

  • Learn a bit about Jennifer and what brought her to the birth world
  • Jennifer’s definition of birth trauma
  • The impact many people experience from childbirth trauma
  • The relationship between birth trauma and postpartum depression
  • Some techniques and tools someone can use to start to heal from birth trauma
  • How the healing process starts
  • How shame plays a role in childbirth trauma
  • Advice for new and expectant parents
  • Where you can find Jennifer’s work!

About Jennifer Summerfeldt:

Jennifer Summerfeldt, Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP), has nearly two decades of experience in maternal health and psychology. In addition to being a counsellor, Jennifer has also been a childbirth advocate, maternal educator, doula, midwifery apprentice, and published writer. She is the founder and creator of the Healing After Birth program, where she uses her expertise and voice to help advance the dialogue on motherhood, mental health, and healing. To learn more about Jennifer, visit www.jennifersummerfeldt.com.

Connect with Jennifer:

Reference from conversation:





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