July 8, 2024

Birth Story: Premature and Quite the Wild Ride with Renata DiBiase

Today, we have a community birth story that will literally take you on a wild ride. In just one short but juicy hour, you’ll find an illustration of pregnancy over 40, preparation for birth from a yoga teacher perspective, and multiple twists and turns in a birth story.

Today’s Yoga| Birth| Babies, I have with me Renata DiBiase. Renata is a book designer and yoga teacher residing on eastern Long Island with her husband and newborn baby. She is also a PYC Prenatal Teacher Training alumni!

Believing in yourself isn’t always an easy feat, but Renata exemplifies just that in her birth. Throughout this conversation, so many lessons of resilience, strength, and staying in the present can be found. I hope you leave this episode feeling just as inspired as I did.

**CW: In this conversation, there is mention of a miscarriage and a premature birth.**

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About Renata
  • Her pregnancy journey
  • Her experience being an “older mom” (said with great respect as an “older mom” myself!), and how her care providers handled that
  • How yoga helped Renata prepare her for pregnancy and birth, as both a student and a teacher
  • Her birth story
  • About Renata’s postpartum journey
  • One final tip or piece of advice she would like to offer new and expectant parents
  • Where you can find Renata’s classes

Get the most out of each episode by checking out the show notes with links, resources and other related podcasts at: prenatalyogacenter.com

About Renata:

Renata DiBiase is a book designer and yoga teacher residing on eastern Long Island with her husband and newborn baby.

Connect with Renata:

IG: @renatayoga.ny

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