August 29, 2022

Top 10 Pregnancy Podcasts Part 2

Welcome to part two of our most listened to episodes of Yoga | Birth | Babies podcast!

Welcome to the second part of our Top 10 Pregnancy episodes of the Yoga | Birth | Babies podcast!

Enjoy these conversations are filled with supportive, nonjudgemental evidenced based information from some of the world’s top experts in pregnancy, birth and postpartum healing. 

My goal is to to help you have a smoother, less stressful pregnancy and birth!

Diastasis Recti & The Pelvic Floor with Dr. Sarah Duvall

Babies, Birth Flow & Balance with Gail Tully

Why did No One Tell Me This? with doulas, Ash Spivak & Natalia Hailes

Trust Your Body & Release Control During Pregnancy and Birth with Dr. Carly Snyder

Finding Birth Flow within A Hospital Setting with Adriana Lozada

Please feel free to explore our expansive library of more Yoga | Birth | Babies episodes

Learn more about the speakers! 

Dr. Sarah Duvall

Spinning Babies

Ash Spivak & Natalia Hailes

Dr. Carly Snyder

Adriana Lozada




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