July 26, 2023

Music Therapy During Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum with Jamie Bendell

You’ve likely heard about birth playlists (you might even be creating one) or maybe you take your baby to a music class. While music can be inspiring and playful for your family, did you know there’s also science to show it can help your family bond and even help those dealing with depression. Today on Yoga| Birth | Babies we’re going to talk about something near and dear to my heart, Music. It has so many applications for pregnancy, birth, and beyond!

To have this conversation I invited music therapist and singer-songwriter Jamie Bendell onto today’s episode. Jamie has some amazing ideas and input and is so passionate about this topic. She also shares the scientific benefits of how music can help you and your family during this phase of life. As a former performer and singer it is so near and dear and just something that resonates with me so deeply. I’m incredibly excited for you to hear this conversation.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Learn about Jamie and what led her to music therapy.
  • What music therapy is and what a music therapist does. 
  • What music does for babies in utero.
  • The role and benefits of music during the birthing process.
  • Music use and the Gate theory of pain management during labor.
  • How music can help with postpartum depression.
  • Evidenced-based music therapy approaches for using music across the birth spectrum.
  • Rituals that can be built during pregnancy incorporating music that can then be carried through the postpartum period.
  • How music can help promote bonding with your baby or birth partner.
  • One final tip/piece of advice Jamie would like to offer new and expectant parents.

About Jamie:

Jamie Bendell is a passionate music therapist, musician, and singer-songwriter who believes in supporting the growth and goals of those she works with through the use of creative arts. 

Jamie completed her Master’s Degree in Music Therapy at New York University and is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in the state of New York as well as a Board-Certified Music Therapist.

Jamie has trained extensively in the use of music to support clients along the birth spectrum and through early childhood. This has included comprehensive training in Dr. Mary DiCamillo’s Sound Birthing Method of supporting clients prenatally, perinatally, and during the postpartum period, as well as Mount Sinai Hospital’s Rhythm, Breath, Lullaby NICU Music Therapy Training. Jamie leads early childhood music groups at Downtown Kids Therapy in New York City, and works one-on-one with clients in-person as well as virtually. Jamie has served as a volunteer educator at Little Essentials, and she enjoys leading workshops that support parents-to-be and families with young children in understanding how to incorporate music into their lives to support healthy bonding and attachment, broad developmental goals, and overall well-being and mental health. Jamie is always seeking out opportunities to continue learning and growing as a clinician and has even taken a level one doula training through Mama Glow in hopes of better understanding how to support her clients.

Jamie lives in New York City with her significant other and their 22-month-old daughter.

Connect with Jamie:

  • Instagram: @thelittlestmelody 
  • Website: TheLittlestMelody.com
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