June 21, 2022

How Hospital Policy Can Affect Your Birth with Melissa Chappell

Do you know how long you’ll be allowed to push at your upcoming birth experience? Or what position(s) you can birth in? How about how long you’ll be allowed to be pregnant without having an induction? There are many things you might butt up against during pregnancy and birth that you didn’t plan on, and hearing that care you expect is “… against our policy” in the middle of labor doesn’t put you in a great place to negotiate.

In today’s episode of Yoga|Birth| Babies I speak with midwife and birthing center owner Melissa Chappell all about “Policy”. In this fantastic conversation Melissa gives you the tools to have nonconfrontational conversations with your care providers. If you want to receive personalized and evidence based care instead of being held to antiquated “policies” this episode is for you.

In this episode you will learn:

  • About Melissa and what led her to midwifery. 
  • Defining “Policy” and the differences between hospital policy and individual care provider’s policy.
  • How hospital and care provider policies impact someone’s pregnancy and birth.
  • Ways to work around non-evidence based policies for the birthing person. 
  • What people can do when they feel they may be coerced by “best for baby” when in fact it it may be more about policies and time tables than evidence based or emergent care. 
  • Common policies actively being enforced that are not evidence based but are still part of the obstetrical culture. 
  • How to nonconfrontationally confront a care provider about working around hospital policies.
  • Policies Melissa has been able to get rid of in her birth centers that birthing folks are likely to encounter in a traditional hospital setting.
  • The role of a doula in your birth.
  • A tip for new and expectant parents.
  • Where you can find Melissa’s work.

About Melissa:

Melissa has worked with hundreds of expectant parents and students over the course of 25 years in the field of childbirth as an Internationally Certified Doula and Doula Trainer and certified midwife. She officially began her practice as an out-of-hospital CPM and state-licensed midwife in 2015. Melissa also worked for a decade teaching childbirth classes. She owns two birth centers with her business partner and friend and together with their team, they bring about 100 babies into the world every year.

Melissa regularly travels to developing countries to work with local midwives and pregnant and birthing women, and works often with MamaBaby Haiti birth center in Haiti.

Melissa also owns the company, Fresh Melissa, a healthy dessert company that wholesales desserts to stores. She has also written two cookbooks full of recipes using whole food ingredients. 

Melissa also coaches women in business.

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