June 15, 2022

Community Birth Story: A Rapid Home Birth with Maya Kaough

Today we have a community birth story. I love getting to know our community members better. Oftentimes they’re people I’ve had in class, so it’s nice to dive a little bit deeper. I also really appreciate that while the stories are unique there’s still a relatable foundation that we hear birth after birth after birth.

In this episode of Yoga| Birth| Babies, I speak with Maya Kaough, a professional aerial dancer, long time yoga practitioner, health coach, and personal trainer. I was drawn right into her story, she tells it so beautifully. As someone who had a really long birth, I found it interesting to hear Maya talk about her short birth and acceptance of that. Our ideas of how things should be or how we wish they were can carry so much weight. I was struck to hear someone who had the birth I had wished for or expected say that they had hoped for and expected an experience more like the long birth I had. It’s a lovely reminder that we all hold different ideals for our birth experience and that all births require processing and acceptance.

This is a beautiful birth story. I’m really excited for you to hear Maya and Lucas’ story.

In this episode you will learn:

  • A little about Maya.
  • What led to Maya’s decision for a home birth.
  • How Maya prepared for a home birth and her experience finding a home birth midwife in Manhattan. 
  • What Maya during pregnancy to prepare her mind and body for birth.
  • Maya and Lucas’ birth story.
  • Postpartum: What has been the biggest reward and what has been the biggest struggle. 
  • Exploring the postpartum body coming from a dance and movement background. 
  • One final tip/piece of advice Maya would like to share with new and expectant parents. 

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About Maya:

Maya is a former professional aerial dancer and long-time yoga practitioner. She is an ADAPT-Certified health coach who helps her clients achieve change and growth from a place of self-love, and a personal trainer specializing in mobility, pre- and post-natal strength

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