Did you know that mobility and flexibility increase in the pregnant body? And that this “borrowed flexibility” lingers in the postpartum body? Thanks to the hormones of pregnancy, primarily relaxin our ligaments relax to allow space in our pelvis to deliver a baby. Unfortunately relaxin doesn’t just go straight to our hips, it loosens the ligaments in our entire body. This hypermobility can easily lead to injury, especially in a yoga class.

Today on Yoga | Birth| Babies we’re combining two of my favorite topics into one conversation. We’re going to talk about yoga and anatomy , specifically hypermobility and how it relates to the pregnant and postpartum body. Of course we’re also going to dive into diastasic recti, the S.I. joint, overstretching and the pelvic floor. To have this conversation I welcomed back Libby Hinsley, Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist and author of the book Yoga for Bendy People. Libby was on the podcast back in 2020 to talk about one of my favorite muscles, the Psoas. Today’s conversation was a lot of fun and I think a very important episode for yoga practitioners and teachers.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Learn a little bit about Libby & how she decided to become a physical therapist
  • Yoga teachers and anatomy, elevating the skill set.
  • Hypermobility, what is it? And what’s the difference between flexibility and mobility?
  • Symptomatic Hypermobility or Hyper Mobility Syndrome, what it is and how it may be affecting you.
  • Perinatal Period and mobility,why you’re more likely to be hyper mobile at this time.
  • How to deal with Perinatal Hyper mobility or “borrowed flexibility”.
  • Hyper mobility and muscle tension.
  • Hypermobility and the pelvic floor.
  • Progressive Strength training benefits
  • Relaxing chronically engaged muscles
  • Strength vs suppleness 
  • Poses to strengthen the pelvic girdle.
  • Ending the glorification of hypermobility in yoga classes.
  • Improving stability through asana.
  • Ways to stretch that will serve the hypermobile.
  • Hypermobility and postpartum healing.
  • Prolapse and the hypermobile. 
  • Intraabdominal pressure management issues.
  • Diastasis recti, and the hyper mobile person.
  • The importance of pelvis and rib cage alignment.
  • Posture tips for pregnant and postpartum people.
  • The “wise use of stretching” 
  • Slow movement- stability in motion
  • Yin yoga for the pregnant body
  • Stetching at end range
  • A tip or piece of advice for new and expectant parents 
  • Libby’s new book Yoga for Bendy People and where you can find her work

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About Libby: 

Libby Hinsley is a physical therapist, yoga therapist and long time yoga teacher and trainer. She specializes in treating yoga-related injuries, chronic pain and hypermobility syndromes. She offers a monthly membership program for yoga teachers who want to learn anatomy, called Anatomy Bites, and she has recently written a book about hypermobility and yoga called Yoga for Bendy People.

Connect with Libby:


Libby’s Book: Yoga for Bendy People

IG: @libbyhinsleypt

Facebook: Libby Hinsley, PT, C-IAYT

Libby’s previous episode of Yoga| Birth| Babies: The Psoas: Stabilizing Your Spine and Guiding Your Baby with Libby Hinsley, PT

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