November 7, 2023

Helping Your Baby with Acid Reflux, Gas and Constipation with Hilary Sadler

Does your baby struggle with acid reflux, gas or constipation? Today we have a super fun topic diving deep into reflux, gas and constipation for your newborn. We’ll talk about the signs and ways to alleviate this. Did you know the breastfeeding parent’s diet may also influence babies being gassy? You know me, I love practical information and today we have helpful tips to offer support to you and your baby.

Hilary Sadler joins us to have this discussion today on, Yoga| Birth| Babies. She is a nurse, lactation consultant, author and mom of four children. Hilary offers us a lot of valuable information and I’m excited for you to learn from her.

When you’re able to help your baby with gas, reflux and constipation, it may help you have an easier time through parenthood. I am honored to offer you this special episode.

In this episode you will learn:

  • About Hilary and what led her into work as a labor and delivery nurse and lactation consultant.
  • Your baby having gas or reflux and what to do about it.
  • What exactly is reflux and the signs a baby has reflux.
  • Ways to alleviate reflux.
  • Understanding what is gas and what are signs to look for that a baby has gas.
  • Things that can cause a baby to be gassy.
  • How the breastfeeding parent’s diet might influence a baby being gassy.
  • Ways to alleviate gas.
  • Signs your baby is constipated.
  • Ways to relieve constipation.
  • When it’s time to check in with their care provider.
  • One final tip or piece of advice Hilary offers new and expectant parents.
  • Stay connected with Hilary.

About Hilary:

My name is Hillary Sadler, and I’m a nurse, lactation consultant, author, and most importantly, a mom of four. My mission is to help moms find their groove and overcome the overwhelming days and nights that can steal the joys of motherhood. Amidst all the baby chaos, I bring laughs, support, and a whole bunch of “I’ve got this!” moments.

Connect with Hilary:

Instagram: @babysettler

Youtube: Baby Settler

Book: Baby Settler: It’s Not Just About Sleep: Helping parents understand how feeding affects sleep and how sleep affects feeding

Website: Baby Settler

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