January 9, 2019

TheMilkinMama: Hand Expression with Francie Webb

For those who have been caught with out their breast pump or expectantly separated from your baby, you may have turned to hand expression as a last resort. But did you know, that hand expression of breast milk can boost milk supply and often reduce sore nipples and engorgement and it can save you time- no parts to have to clean! In this episode of Yoga| Birth|Babies, I speak with birth doula and founder of TheMilkinMama, Francie Webb.

Francie shares why hand expression is breastfeeding’s best kept secret and why every lactating person should be armed with the skills and confidence to know how to hand express. Enjoy!

In this episode: 

  • Learn a bit about Francie and how she ended up in the birth world and lactation work
  • When hand expressing might a better choice than using a breast pump
  • Why people don’t consider hand expression
  • The benefits of hand expression
  • Techniques for self expression
  • Common problems people run into when hand expressing
  • What to do if your hands get tired from hand expression and what to do about it.
  • The best vessel to catch your milk
  • The Go Milk Yourself method
  • The importance of learning from your students; what Francie has learned from being a birth doula and lactation support
  • Final tip and advice for first time parents.
  • Where can people find Francie’s work!

About Francie: 

Francie is the founder and CEO of TheMilkinMama, a small business dedicated to teaching hand expression of breast milk, labor support doula and the author of the highly-reviewed book Go Milk Yourself: You Have Power. Express It! She believes in helping parents have more power, more freedom, and less stress. Francie loves her two astonishing children, being outdoors, yoga, meditation, reading, writing, traveling, spending time with friends, date nights with her husband, and any opportunity she gets to relax with her family. Also she loves BIRTH, including all that comes before and after. Francie graduated from Duke University and earned Masters Degrees from Pace University and Bank Street College of Education. In addition to an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant – she’s currently in training), she wonders if she might become a midwife one day.


Links from topics mentioned in the podcast!

Francie’s website: http://www.themilkinmama.com/

Francie’s book! On Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Go-Milk-Yourself-Power-Express/dp/1536913642

Videos : https://med.stanford.edu/newborns/professional-education/breastfeeding.html

Interesting articles about hand expression: 




Smuggling Pump Parts into Prison


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