January 1, 2018

Mom of Month: Meet Camelia Mitchell!

What is the most surprising thing about motherhood thus far?

How quickly everything else matters less. You’ve lived your whole life with a set of priorities and the moment that little human comes out, that whole list is gone.

What is one of the most important pieces of advice you feel you can impart to a new mom?

Try to enjoy those beginning weeks without worrying that you are “spoiling” your baby. Hold them as much as you want because you don’t ever get that time back. Later they can start to develop bad habits, but at the beginning, just enjoy. Also, don’t make my mistake and secretly think of maternity leave as vacation, it’s not. It’s much harder than whatever job you have. By a lot.

You’ve taken many workshops at PYC, including CPR, Breastfeeding Support, and New Mom Support Group. What does PYC mean to you?

The PYC community was a huge support for me. I feel so fortunate to have this wonderful resource available. I met so many great moms and babies and learned so much from all of the different seminars. From breastfeeding support to sleep circle and infant massage, PYC has been a big part of my maternity leave and I am grateful for the community that PYC built.

What’s your favorite way of bonding with Gabriel?

Honestly, my favorite way to bond with Gabriel is giving him kisses and making him laugh. Nothing beats that.



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