September 22, 2017

Minisode: Preparing for Your Birth

This week on “Yoga | Birth | Babies” I wanted to talk to you about preparing for birth. As a speaker and teacher I’m frequently asked, “What tips would you give expectant parents?” Well based on my experience and what I see in my students, as expectant parents we spend hours choosing the right, stroller, car seat, and basinet but not that much time thinking about ourselves. I have to say I had a lot of fun shopping for my stroller but remember you are more important than any product you’re buying your baby. Today I’m asking you to do a little homework, dig deep and answer the following questions.

*Who do you want in your birth posse?

No matter what kind of birth you have, who do you want with you, supporting you? Who makes you feel comfortable? Who lifts you up with love and doesn’t judge you? Having the right support from your care provider, your partner, and anyone else you choose to bring be it a doula, a parent, friend, or family member make sure they will hear you, support you, give you time, and space to birth.


*What fears do you have about birth? What fears do you have around parenthood?

Take some time and dig deep, grab a journal, meditate, take a bath and think about this question. Once you’ve identified these fears you can share them with your partner and care provider who can help you to address these issues and overcome them. Don’t pass judgement on your fears, write them all down. Once you’ve identified them you can address them.

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