February 20, 2024

Birth Story: Finding Joy After Anxiety and Challenges During Pregnancy with Rikke Le Kirkegaard

We have a beautiful birth story today, that I am excited to share with you!  Perhaps you are moving through your own pregnancy or birth experience right now and wondering what it will be like.  Something to think about as this story unfolds, is the importance of a flexible mind.   A student in class shared with me that she was feeling very tight in her hips and concerned that her tension would affect how she gave birth.  I told her that birth didn’t necessarily require a flexible body, however, it did require a flexible mind.  My guest Rikke, demonstrated this ability as she worked with the twists and turns of her birth and had a beautiful experience. She discusses how even though it wasn’t the birth she envisioned, ultimately it was supportive and peaceful.

Today on Yoga| Birth| Babies, I speak with Rikke Le Kirkegaard, to learn about her extraordinary birth experience.  Rikki is originally from Denmark and has lived in New York since 2019 with her Italian husband.  She has worked for UNICEF since 2015 – first four years in Tanzania and now over four years in New York.

If circumstances don’t turn out the way parents expect or hope, Rikke suggests they spend their energy shaping the new narrative into something that works for them.  Instead of giving their attention to trying to change the situation, she recommends embracing it and allowing it to be.  In this way, she hopes parents can enjoy this unique time in their lives, instead of worrying about conditions that are out of their control.  I really appreciate Rikke’s openness and vulnerability during this conversation.  I am excited for you to hear this inspiring birth story!  

In this episode you will learn:

  • About Rikke.
  • About her pregnancy journey and how she arrived at PYC.
  • How she felt throughout her pregnancy.
  • What it was like when she found out her baby was breech.
  • How she tried to turn her baby.
  • How she processed and came to terms with a different birth option. 
  • Her birth experience.
  • Rikke’s thoughts about parents facing a different birth narrative than the one they planned for.
  • A piece of advice Rikke would like to offer new and expectant parents.

About Rikke:

Rikke Le Kirkegaard is originally from Denmark and has lived in New York since 2019 with her Italian husband. She met him in a youth hostel in Mexico back in 2010 and married him in a cocktail bar in Melbourne on her 30th birthday. She has worked for UNICEF since 2015 – first four years in Tanzania and now over four years in New York. They would like to have a second child here (soon) and then move on to a new adventure.

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