March 11, 2021

πŸ“£ Your voice needs to be heard πŸ“£

I’m blown away by the bravery and openness of students in this morning’s prenatal yoga class. Several shared that they had some big, emotional decisions to make surrounding their birth. Decisions to be made ranged from the pros and cons of induction, to accepting a cesarean for a breech baby, and preparing for a VBAC. 

What do all of these decisions have in common? All of these circumstances allow for the pregnant person to feel empowered by knowing they are a part of the decision making process.

Research has shown when a laboring person is part of decision making, there is more satisfaction in the birth experience no matter if the actual birth unfolds as planned.

To help lay the groundwork for open communication and shared decision making, talk to your care provider beforehand. In a podcast I did with Dr. Neel Shah about the Team Birth Project, he explained in the hospital he works at white boards are in the labor rooms so that desires and decisions are written there for everyone involved to know. This prevents assumptions about the laboring person’s wishes and encourages more team involvement. 

What are ways you would like to be more involved in the decision making around your pregnancy and birth? Share in the comments below (and with your partner and care provider!)

Picture from Andre Furtado




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