July 23, 2020

It’s Not the Size of the Baby, But the Position of the Pelvis!

The number one reason for first time parents to have a cesarean section is “failure to progress”. This all encompassing statement can really refer to any reason for the cervix not dilating, but many times pregnant people hear that their “baby was too big”. (ps- less than 10% of all babies born at 39 weeks or later are considered truly macrosomic aka “big bodied”)

Think about the implications that have on the mind of the new parent. That can lead to a feeling of inadequacy, guilt, and failure.

Was the baby really too big? Or was the pelvis misaligned which made it more difficult for the baby to descend, rotate and fit through the pelvis? 
In this brief video, I talk about how different pushing positions can add or take away the space needed for a vaginal birth. 

As a yoga teacher, it is interesting to think about how the different positions of the femur bones affect the sit bones and pelvic opening! What we think of as a “hip opener” can actually be a “pelvic closer”! 

It may not be the size of the baby, but the position of the pelvis!




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