September 21, 2022

Where to Birth: Know Your Options with Catherine Stewart-Lindley

Where will you be giving birth? Did you know there are options? Today we’re going to be talking about where to give birth, because if you don’t know your options, you don’t have them. From hospital births, to birth centers, and home births these different locations all have pros and cons and honestly, not everyone is a good candidate for all of these places. What’s important is that you find the place you’re drawn to and a place that will support you and your vision of where to give birth. 

To have this conversation on today’s episode of Yoga| Birth| Babies, I have my friend, labor support doula, and childbirth educator Catherine Stewart Lindley. She has attended thousands of births in the last 20 years and is very passionate about supporting unique and personalized care for each family. I love speaking with Catherine, she has her facts, years of experience in a truly wide variety of births and birth locations, and she’s really wonderful. I think our conversation will be helpful for people who aren’t quite sure of all of their options, so they can decide what’s best for them. It’s never about where your doctor or doula or midwife thinks you should birth, it’s really what’s best for you, the safest for you, and that is different for everybody. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Catherine.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Learn about Catherine and what led her to doula work and childbirth education.
  • Know your options: where you can give birth.
  • If you’re not sure what the best option is for you, what are some things to consider about each birth place? 
  • Why you may feel more drawn towards one option over another.
  • What a home birth scenario may look like.
  • Who would and would not be a good candidate for a birth center or home birth.
  • Ways to make a hospital birth feel more intimate like a home birth or birth center.
  • How the birth support team can be impacted from the different places of birth.
  • The role a birth support team plays in all the different birthing places. 
  • Final thoughts for people considering their different options for where to birth.
  • One tip/piece of advice Catherine would like to offer new or expectant parents.
  • Where you can find Catherine’s work.

About Catherine:

Catherine is a labor support doula and a childbirth educator and has been supporting families in NYC for 20+ years. Catherine has taught for decades in NYC at Realbirth, Tribeca Parenting and Prenatal Yoga Center as well as supporting families with private childbirth education. She has attended thousands of births and taught countless families over the years. Catherine believes that the birth of our children is a profoundly special event and that support around it needs to be uniquely personal and unconditional. She’s spent many years serving on the boards of CEA (Childbirth Education Association) and Choices in Childbirth to improve options available to birthing families in NYC. Catherine, along with her doula partner Terry Richmond, runs Labor of Love Doula Services:

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