January 4, 2023

Pregnancy and Parenting as a Millennial with Dr. Christine Sterling

Did you know millennials tend to be more likely to have high blood pressure during pregnancy than previous generations? So why is it that millennials are having such a hard time as parents? Today’s podcast is for all those that were born between 1981-996 and let’s even say a little beyond, we’re going to dip into Gen-Z a bit too. So I’m talking to you, the millennial, about why pregnancy and parenthood is so difficult for your generation.

My guest to have this conversation on Yoga| Birth| Babies is Dr. Christine Sterling, and she has what she calls the “millennial problem. ” Dr. Sterling is a board certified ObGyn, mother, and founder of Sterling Parents. She explains what she calls the millennial problem, how we resolve it, and some of the underlying reasons for this millennial problem. We talk about all sorts of things from social media, to stress levels, to comparison, to the overwhelm of information at your fingertips. Dr. Sterling gives concise tips to help you digest all of this information overwhelm. What I find really beautiful about this conversation is that it’s so heartfelt. Dr. Sterling truly wants to offer support and help people that are feeling that strain and stress of navigating pregnancy and parenthood, she’s offering some really grounding solutions.

It’s a wonderful talk. I found myself riveted as I was listening to Dr. Sterling offer such thought provoking information. I think you too will get a lot out of this.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Learn about Dr. Sterling and what led her to create Sterling Parents.
  • What defines a millennial.
  • How being a millennial impacted Dr. Sterling’s pregnancy and parenting.
  • “The millennial problem” and how it affects pregnancy and being a parent.
  • Underlying causes of the “millennial problem.”
  • Why Millennials and Gen Zers are two times as likely to develop high blood pressure during their first pregnancy than were Baby Boomers even after accounting for their age during pregnancy.
  • Ways to decrease your stress levels during pregnancy.
  • Ways to resolve some of the issues of the “millennial problem.”
  • Tools someone can use to start to rebuild confidence in themselves instead of looking for validation and answers from outside themselves.
  • How millennial parenting differs compared to past generations.
  • The role social media plays in the challenges of parenthood for millennials.
  • One final tip/piece of advice Dr. Sterling would like to offer new or expectant parents.
  • Where you can find Dr. Sterling’s work.

About Dr. Sterling:

Dr. Christine Sterling is a board-certified ObGyn and founder of Sterling Parents, a membership that provides the heartfelt support, expert advice, and timeless wisdom people deserve as they grow their families. After becoming a mother herself, she discovered firsthand how little support western medicine offers to women moving through the life-altering transition into motherhood. Now a ‘mom on a mission’ dedicated to ensuring women get the maternal care and support they deserve, Dr. Sterling has developed a signature Body, Mind & Heart model of care, combining cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom with her years of patient care, thousands of births, and long-standing meditation practice.

Connect with Dr. Sterling:

The Sterling Life

Instagram: @drsterlingobgyn

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