September 26, 2023

Polyvagal Theory and Birth with Chantal Traub

Have you ever thought about how your nervous system relates to birth? You can’t birth if you don’t feel safe. Today on Yoga| Birth| Babies, we are going to talk about Polyvagal Theory and Birth. My guest approached me about this topic and I realized I didn’t know much about it. Excitedly, I did my own research and was amazed with what I discovered. Polyvagal Theory and Birth needs to be talked about more. It’s about our nervous systems being regulated. This makes so much sense about the importance of feeling safe, secure and connected to our body when we think about birth. Learning to connect to your nervous system is so important!

To have this conversation I have my dear friend and colleague, Chantal Traub. She’s a NYC birth facilitator, doula, CBE, and menopause coach. She has 20 years of practice and has been internationally acclaimed for her expertise on the pelvic floor and her Pushing Power technique, which is taught here at PYC.

Chantal shares her stories on birth and how the Polyvagal Theory relates to the births she’s attended. I’m very honored to share this special episode and topic with you.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Chantal got into this work.
  • The Polyvagal Theory?
  • Polyvagal Theory relevance to birth.
  • Ways Polyvagal Theory informs your approach to birth.
  • What Chantal loves about Polyvagal theory and birth.
  • How understanding Polyvagal Theory benefits a doula.
  • Ways this approach could transform the ways mothers, parents and babies come into the world in a healthier way.

About Chantal:

Chantal Traub is a prominent New York City birth facilitator, doula, childbirth educator birth and menopause coach. In her 20-plus years in practice, she has become internationally acclaimed for her expertise on the pelvic floor and her Pushing Power technique. Early on, Traub identified a severe lack of preparation among birthing people for the pushing stage of labor. She observed that in birth classes, this essential topic was glossed over. Thus began a mission to properly educate and teach birthing moms—and professionals in the field—to better understand the pelvic floor; through her classes, her one-on-one work and her doula practice, Traub has helped thousands of women birth babies without tearing and without episiotomies. Traub speaks often on the subject of pelvic floor health and safe, effective pushing. She is a regular educator for Global Pelvic Health Alliance and My pelvic Floor Muscles, and has been featured on many podcasts, including Next Question, with Katie Couric; Yoga-Birth-Babies and The Women’s Health Podcast. Chantal co authored The Pelvic Floor, which was an international bestseller. She was an expert speaker at the Polyvagal Institute Conference in 2022.

Connect with Chantal:


Instagram: @chantal.traub

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