August 4, 2017

Plus Size Pregnancy with Bebo Mia founders Bianca Sprague & Natasha Marchand

In this episode of Yoga | Birth | Babies, I speak with Bebo Mia founders, Bianca Sprague and Natasha Marchand.   Bianca, Natasha and I discuss the misconceptions and assumptions women of size face when entering motherhood.  We talk openly about “fat shaming” and how plus size moms can find support and embrace and trust their bodies.  With average size American women being a size 16, this is an episode not to miss!

I’m also excited to say that this is the first episode of a 2 part series on Body Positivity- so stay tuned.

In this episode:

  • The path Bianca and Natasha took to found Bebo Mia.
  • What constitutes a plus size pregnancy ?
  • The average size of American women.
  • How society perceives a plus pregnancy differently.
  • How we can better support women of size better during pregnancy and motherhood .
  • Complications women of a size may face in pregnancy.
  • Assuring healthy pregnancy for a plus size mom.
  • Weight gain suggestions for plus size women during pregnancy.
  • Suggestions for a plus size mom to handle the delayed “popping” of the belly.
  • Finding a size friendly care provider and what to expect in terms of support.
  • Is the “management” of a plus size pregnancy different?
  • How labor may be handled differently and how to find support in the hospital setting.
  • Ways to encourage women of size to embrace and trust their body #bodypositivity
  • The importance of finding a community.
  • Finding appropriate baby gear sizes.

About Bianca & Natasha:

Bebo Mia is a training & mentorship organization for women in the maternal health field, including pregnancy/birth professionals, childbirth educators & parenting specialists. They offer comprehensive skills, business support & community care through an innovative online structure that spans a global market.

A very different culture from both the patriarchal boardroom model & the female-centric multi-level marketing industry, Bebo Mia offers opportunities for women to work from home while making an income for themselves and their families. They develop inclusive, accessible trainings for women that provide the skills needed to grow & sustain a lucrative business. Bebo Mia remains fiercely committed to their original mission that was developed in 2008: To connect women to their intrinsic value and power.

Connect with Bebo Mia:

on Facebook & Instagram: @bebomiainc

on Twitter: @bebomia

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