June 14, 2023

Marisa’s Birth Story: Grounded, Uninhibited, and On Her Own Terms

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while you know that the birth stories are one of my favorite things to dive into. I think it’s so important to hear about different experiences. Many times we have an image of birth from movies, or our friends or sister, or even our own experience, and these stories can be limiting, scary, or even set unrealistic expectations about the possibilities of birth. This is why I feel it’s so important to hear many birth stories, following parents who’ve made a variety of choices and whose births have taken a variety of paths. Hearing how and why someone chose to have the support of a doula, change their doctor, birth at home, or have a surgical birth, may help bring you peace around the unpredictable journey of birth. It may strike a chord within you to say, that sounds amazing, or exactly like the experience I want, I didn’t even know that was a possibility. It also shows us how unique and personal the birth journey is, not only from parent to parent but baby to baby.

On today’s episode of Yoga | Birth | Babies, my guest is Marisa Collins. She talks about the birth of her second child, why she chose a home birth, and how this birth differed from her first. She also talks about her postpartum experience and some of the challenges of postpartum. The highlight of this episode is when Marisa takes the mic and shares her birth story. It is powerful and beautiful. I was mesmerized listening to it and I’m so excited for you to hear it.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Learn about Marisa. 
  • How Marisa prepared for birth.
  • How Marisa’s second birth differed from her first.
  • Why Marisa chose home birth.
  • Marisa’s experience working with a midwife as someone having a “geriatric” pregnancy? (we can agree that that is a horrible term!)
  • Marisa’s birth story.
  • How postpartum has been for Marisa.
  • The difference going from 0-1 children and then 1-2 children
  • One final tip/piece of advice Marisa would like to offer new or expectant parents.

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