March 22, 2018

Family Bonding Time

Early on as a new parent, my husband and I created a very sweet and nurturing nighttime routine.  When my son would wake up for a 3am feeding, I would prop myself up with pillows, get my son established on my breast, and settle in as he would read aloud to us.  The book was Eat Cake, and I remember these quiet, intimate nights with such warmth and fondness.

New parenthood definitely has its challenging moments, but it’s also possible to foster routines and rituals that are unique and special to this new family you’ve formed.  As you embark on this new phase in your life, I invite you to explore ways in which you and your partner can connect, support one another, and enjoy this wondrous time. I invite you to come up with your own ritual for your family. How can you connect with your family and turn a potentially stressful or sleepless night into one of connection?

Since Prenatal Yoga Center is built on the foundation of community, please share what rituals and traditions you hope to bring into your new budding family as well as ones you fondly remember from your childhood.

Thank you for your contribution to the PYC family!




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