December 16, 2020

Due Dates & Induction with Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins

Due dates, that looming day etched in your mind when your journey through pregnancy will come to an abrupt ending. But how accurate are these given dates and what happens if that day comes and goes? 

In this episode of Yoga | Birth | Babies I speak with board-certified, practicing OB/GYN, Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins. Nicole shares an open and honest discussion on the pros and cons of waiting for labor to start on its own, labor induction, and what’s considered “full term”. We also discuss if a “big baby” or a schedule really is a medically indicated reason to induce labor? Find out in this podcast! 

What you will learn in this episode: 

  • Learn about Dr. Calloway Rankins and how she decided to become an Obstetrician. 
  • Definitions! What it means to be “full term” and the different variations between 37 and 42 weeks.
  • Common health concerns between 37-42 weeks. 
  • How due dates are estimated.
  • What happens if there is variation in one’s cycle, do the due date calculations take that into consideration?
  • The most accurate ways to determine one’s due date.
  • The ARRIVE Study. 
  • Labor Induction 
  • Discussions you might want to have with your care provider for moving past your due date.
  • What’s involved in a non stress tests and what’s being measured. 
  • The risks of passing an estimated due date. 
  • Non-pharmalogical options to encourage induction.
  • Medically indicated reasons for labor induction. 
  • Pros and cons for scheduling an induction past your due date compared to waiting for labor to start on its own. 
  • One tip/piece of advice Nicole has for new and expectant parents.
  • Where you can find Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins’ work. 

About Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins:

Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins is a board-certified, practicing OB/GYN and mom of 2 who empowers first time moms to feel supported and prepared for pregnancy and birth. Over the last 15 years she’s helped more than 1,000 babies come into this world and has demystified pregnancy and childbirth for thousands more women through her 5-star rated All About Pregnancy & Birth podcast, her free online birth plan class, and her signature online program – The Birth Preparation Course. Visit her website and follow her on Instagram @drnicolerankins.

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