August 11, 2022

Do you need flexibility to give birth?

Recently after class one of my students stayed around to ask a question. They waited until everyone else left and quietly expressed concerns about their flexibility and the ability to birth. 

I’ve seen their practice for about two months so I understood the limited mobility their hamstrings and hips have and I got where they were coming from.

I want to start here with exactly what I told my student, physical flexibility is not needed to have a vaginal birth. There are some great options for birthing positions that don’t require much flexibility at all! Some of these are side lying, kneeling with knees close together and feet apart, a birthing stool, pushing on all 4’s, and standing. 

After going over the physical positions, I shifted gears to discussing where one really needs flexibility for birth, your mindset. Not being rigid about preconceived visions of birth and being open to working with the twists and turns that are bound to arise is where the real dexterity is necessary. 

The mental gymnastics of being able to bend and adjust to given circumstances is not just vital for birth but also for a more peaceful parenthood. 

What are ways you have learned to be mentally flexible?




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