July 28, 2021

Community Birth Story: How to trust yourself and the power of birth with Julia Motyka

There is power in sharing and hearing birth stories from people in your community. It can bring confidence to those soon arriving at their own birth and connection for those who have recently given birth. In this week’s episode of Yoga|Birth|Babies, we have the delight of hearing the recent birth story from community member and prenatal yoga teacher, Julia Motyka.

Julia’s raw honesty about embracing pain for a purpose was inspiring to hear. While many people, myself included, shy away from labeling birth as painful, Julia expressed how she was able to use these sensations to let her know how to move and react to what her body and baby needed to birth. I walked away from this conversation reminded of the deep reverence I have for birth. I hope you are moved as well by Julia’s birth story. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • About Julia and her background as a performer, yoga teacher and mother. 
  • How Julia’s preparation for her second birth differed from her first.
  • What instigated her decision to have a home birth this time.
  • Myths and misunderstanding of home birth. 
  • Things from her first birth that she wanted to do differently this time
  • Julia’s birth story!
  • Birth seen as everyday magic 
  • Pain for a purpose 
  • Postpartum 
  • One tip/piece of advice Julia offers new or expectant parents

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About Julia Motyka:

Julia Motyka– Over her twenty year varied career, Julia has become an internationally recognized writer, performer, producer, and teacher. As a writer, her new essay will be forthcoming in the 2020 Fish Anthology. As an actress, she’s performed all over the US in some of the nation’s top theatres and voiced scores of audiobooks.  As an educator, she’s built programming for educational institutions nationwide, with courses ranging from kindergarten age through undergraduate level. When she’s not in the theatre, you can find her teaching yoga in New York City or helming The Generosity Experiment, a community of spiritually generous friends and neighbors who come together for meditation, conversation, and action all over the world. Whether on the page, the stage, or in the studio she is always seeking and telling stories of transformation that guide us home to ourselves. www.juliamotyka.com

Additional Resources: 

  • Andrea Diamond from Brooklyn midwifery IG@brooklynhomebirthmidwifery

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