July 13, 2022

Community Birth Story: An Accidental VBAC with Sydney Mulligan

This episode is one of my favorite things we do on the podcast, share community birth stories. We have different members of our online or in-person community share their experiences. I love it. Not only do I love getting to know our community members a little bit better but I think it’s so important to put out a variety of birth experiences. There’s not one right way to birth. All of the different experiences shared will land with people differently and different people will relate with them.

In this episode of Yoga| Birth|Babies I welcome Sydney Mulligan to share about her “accidental VBAC.” Sydney is a 2nd time parent and she’s been part of our community for a while. The other day in class I said “You’re the mayor of PYC.” It’s a fitting title as she’s just so embracing of new community members. She always introduces herself and she’s just a wonderful person. I think you’re going to enjoy Sydney’s story.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Learn a little bit about Sydney.
  • A brief retelling of Sydney’s first birth experience.
  • What inspired Sydney to want to try a VBAC.
  • How Sydney prepared for her VBAC.
  • What Sydney did differently in her pregnancy/preparing for birth as a possible VBAC.
  • How Sydney’s care provider played a role in the VBAC.
  • Sydney’s second birth story.
  • How Sydney’s postpartum experience has been.
  • The differences between Sydney’s births and what stands out between them.
  • A final tip/piece of advice Sydney offers to new and expectant parents.

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About Sydney:

Sydney Mulligan is a North Carolina native turned New Yorker mom of 2. She has lived in the upper west side for 4 years and has a 3 year old son, Chance, and 4 month old daughter, Ellie. She is passionate about community, city living, listening to your body, and that a hot dog is a sandwich. 

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