June 19, 2019

Why This Baby Is Breech

What do you do when you’ve prepared for your birth to unfold in a certain direction only to find out you are one of the 1 in approximately 25 people carrying a breech baby?

In this episode of Yoga|Birth|Babies, I speak with Spinning Babies Trainer and home birth midwife, Nicole Morales. Nicole offers insight to why a baby may be breech and methods to help baby navigate it’s way head down. Her empathic approach to her work will also provide comfort for those who may need to accept and surrender to a new and different birth experience than planned. This valuable episode will not only serve the pregnant person but birth workers and birthing partners as well. Enjoy!

In this episode:

  • Learn about Nicole and what brought her to this work.
  • An explanation of what breech position is and the variations of breech.
  • When someone should start to be concerned that baby is not yet head down.
  • Which breech positions are easier to rotate than others.
  • How the uterus shape affects baby’s position.
  • What is ECV?
  • Some of the challenges that parents face with a breech baby late in pregnancy?
  • The philosophy of Spinning Babies and how the physiology of body balancing can affect baby’s position.
  • How Spinning Babies techniques utilize inventions or a slant board.
  • Alternative options for helping baby head down other than inversions.
  • Surrendering and accepting a birth that may not reflect your originally envisioned birth.
  • Where you can find Nicole Morales’s work.

About Nicole Morales:

Nicole Morales, LM CPM, I am a homebirth midwife with a practice in the San Diego, California area. I am a Spinning Babies Trainer who teaches both the regular Spinning Babies Workshop as well as the Spinning Babies Aware Practioner Course for bodywork related to fetal positioning. I also see families presenting breech near the end of pregnancy for body balancing services. I am an instructor at Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery for both Normal Birth and Breech, and am currently working on some projects for publication regarding breech positioning through Spinning Babies. I am a Birthing From Within Certified Mentor who loves to do storytelling as maps for healing. Becoming a mother got me into this work. My third baby was born breech which is what called me to do this work!



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