May 12, 2018

What Do You Really Need For Baby?

Baby stuff everywhere!  Why does it feel like having a baby comes with so much equipment and accessories?  Have you ever stopped to think about what is truly necessary and what is just really good marketing?

In this episode of Yoga|Birth|Babies, I speak with Adriane Stare, owner and founder of the Brooklyn eco-friendly maternity, baby and lifestyle store, Wild Was Mama.  Adriane and I break down what are true “must haves” from day one and how to build a registry that is not overwhelming and or superfluous.

In this episode :

  • Adriane’s background and her journey from opening Caribou Baby to rebranding Wild Was Mama.
  • Creating a functional registry of the “must have” items.
  • Systematically purchasing necessary items.
  • How to handle of the “stuff overload” in a NYC apartment.
  • The items new parents are always running into the store days or weeks after giving birth to get.
  • Gems of advice for new parents.
  • What’s next for Adriane and Wild Was Mama.

About Adriane:

Adriane Stare is a mother to two young boys, and the Owner and Founder of Wild Was Mama –  an eco-friendly maternity, baby and lifestyle store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Adriane is a certified Babywearing Educator, Lactation Counselor and a Postpartum Doula, who stocks her shop full of carefully-curated products for natural-minded urbanites and offers a full schedule of inspiring classes for pregnancy, birth preparation and parenting. Wild Was Mama specializes in babywearing, and has quickly become the tri-state area’s go-to spot for new parents learning how to use and choose a baby carrier. In addition to training a team of compassionate staff to help new families in their journeys, you will find Adriane fitting moms for nursing bras, teaching classes on babywearing, cloth diapering, and helping families-to-be create meaningful, minimal registries.

Wild Was Mama 

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