Tuesday Tip: Epsom Salt

Tuesday Tip: Epsom Salt

In the past few years I have come to appreciate all the uses and benefits of magnesium sulfate, aka Epsom salt. First off, I must stress, Epsom salts are sometimes recommended as a laxative; this purpose is NOT appropriate for pregnancy. With that usage off the table, let’s check out all the ways a pregnant mama can relieve some of her aches and pains with this lovely mineral.

Here is how to use it- The most useful and easiest usage of Epsom salts is to enjoy a nice warm (NOT HOT!) bath. Mix ½ to 1 cup of Epsom salts into your bath water and enjoy some quiet time.

This simple soak can alleviate sore muscles and swelling (thanks to its anti-inflammatory quality), remedy those pesky and painful calf cramps (specifically because of its magnesium component), reduce tension, and resolve dehydration. During my second pregnancy, I started to get some contractions around 33 weeks. I knew I hadn’t been drinking enough fluids and so my midwife suggested an Epsom salt bath to quickly rehydrate. Indeed, the contractions disappeared. Great for Braxton Hicks contractions too!

A particularly fascinating feature of Epsom salts is the effect it has on blood sugar. For many people it regulates blood sugar levels–a real attribute. However, diabetics must be careful, as Epsom salts does not always have a stabilizing effect on their blood sugar levels.

In general, Epsom salts are a wonderful healer! So go enjoy a quiet, relaxing bath!

Please remember, this is not medical advice, just helpful information.



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