June 17, 2014

Super Simple Birth Plan!

I have often heard of nurses and doctors rolling their eyes when a laboring mom comes waddling into the Labor and Delivery unit clutching a multi-page birth plan. I do think it is beneficial for the parents-to-be to educate themselves and explore all the different birth options available to them, but it is also important to be able to be flexible as the process unfolds.

Clare, one of our beloved teachers, shared with me a very simple and straight-forward birth plan, and I would like to pass it along to our community. As you can see, it consists of 4 fill-in-the-blank boxes. You could make one that is more elaborate for you and your partner, and then a more streamlined one for your care provider.

I always advise my students to pick three choices/priorities that are most important to them. This way your support team knows what you really want to fight to hold on to. Additionally, keep in mind these three (and my favorite!) birth questions: Is mom ok? Is baby ok? Can we have more time? If inventions outside of your birth plan are starting to be discussed or proposed, asking these questions shows your care provider and hospital staff that you are not holding onto an unrealistic birth plan that can be harmful to you or your baby, but you are simply asking for flexibility to your plan.

I hope you have fun with this new birth plan sheet. Happy birthing!



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