Stabilize the Sacrum

Stabilize the Sacrum

To help identify if you are having SI (sacroiliac) joint pain, you can palpate your lower back and identify the sacrum- the flat part of the lower back above your tailbone. To the left and right of the sacrum is a small dimple, this dimple indicates the top of the SI joint. It is most common for there to be a dull or sometimes sharp pain around or on one of the SI joints. SI pain is often confused with sciatica. If you are feeling pain deep in the buttock region, it is probably sciatica or piriformis syndrome.

SI joint pain generally comes from one half of the pelvis tilting forward (anterior) or back (posterior). This aymmetry can be caused by extreme laxity in sacroiliac joint, extreme tension in the buttocks and hips (esp. piriformis) exerting force on joint, sitting with bad posture, impact to one half of the pelvis, and position of baby in pelvis.

In class we work to stabilize the SI to bring equanimity to the pelvis. This video demonstrates 3 poses that you can enjoy at home to help stabilize the SI joint and alleviate the discomfort associated with SI pain.

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