October 10, 2016

Sleep Training with Jessica Shapley

In this episode we discuss the hotly debated topic, Sleep Training. I often feel there is a lot of comparison and judgement around sleep training but it is very personal and has effects on the whole family. Jess and I discuss why someone would want to begin sleep training and when it is appropriate to begin. We also talk about the various methods of sleep training and what you can do to set your little one and yourself up for a great night of sleep.

About Jessica: 

For over fifteen years Jessica Shapley has helped hundreds of parents care for their children and themselves, by providing counseling and supportive services to groups, individuals and families. As a licensed social worker and mother of two, Jessica brings her personal and professional experience as well as her passion to everything she does. Jessica earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Boston University and her Masters of Social Work from Columbia University. She is certified in Integral Health Counseling, massage therapy and is certified to teach infant massage. For the last 16 years, Jessica has been a sought after sleep consultant here in NYC, where she lives with her husband and two children.

For more information on Jessica visit: http://momsupport.org/

Facebook: Facebook.com/momsupportorg

Instagram: jessicashapleyofmomsupport

Or join one of her new Mom’s Group’s here: https://prenatalyogacenter.com/new-mom-support-group/



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