04 Aug Tuesday Tip: Remember You Are Still You- Not Just “Mommy”.

All of a sudden, you are no longer being called by your first name by anyone!  Even the guy at the deli is remarking on how cute your new baby is and calling you, “Mommy”.  Yes, you have birthed a baby, you have a new...

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13 Jul The 4th Trimester: Making the Choice for Self Care With Postnatal Yoga

Originally published with Choices In Childbirth Many women find themselves surprised by the physical and emotional challenges of the “4th trimester.” This part of the journey into motherhood is often glossed over by friends and family. The focus often shifts from the pregnant mother to the...

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06 Jul Better Birth; Eliminating Intrauterine Constraint

What makes some births faster than others? Often, it is the baby’s position in the pelvis. The optimal position is when the baby is head down, with its chin in line with the birth canal, evenly tucked into its chest, and the baby’s spine is...

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22 Jun “Freezing” the Biological Clock

Guest Blogger: Ali Epstein Delaying motherhood is a common topic for discussion among women and their partners, especially in cosmopolitan areas like New York City, where ambition and high achievement are rampant, career priorities cause people to marry later and these two factors, together with the...

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15 Jun Study: Yoga During Pregnancy: Effects on Maternal Comfort, Labor Pain and Birth Outcomes.

I am a bit of a self- proclaimed geek! I love to examine studies and findings that are related to childbirth education and prenatal yoga. I spend countless hours reading Medscape, childbirth blogs, and Midwifery Today. A few years ago the Journal of Perinatal Education...

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08 Jun U.S. Birth Practices: Are They Traumatizing Our Women?

In a recent Teacher Training weekend, one of the trainees opened up about a conversation she had with her father. When she started to share some of her new ideas of involving less intervention and trusting the woman’s innate ability to birth, her father expressed...

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