22 Jun “Freezing” the Biological Clock

Guest Blogger: Ali Epstein Delaying motherhood is a common topic for discussion among women and their partners, especially in cosmopolitan areas like New York City, where ambition and high achievement are rampant, career priorities cause people to marry later and these two factors, together with the...

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15 Jun Study: Yoga During Pregnancy: Effects on Maternal Comfort, Labor Pain and Birth Outcomes.

I am a bit of a self- proclaimed geek! I love to examine studies and findings that are related to childbirth education and prenatal yoga. I spend countless hours reading Medscape, childbirth blogs, and Midwifery Today. A few years ago the Journal of Perinatal Education...

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08 Jun U.S. Birth Practices: Are They Traumatizing Our Women?

In a recent Teacher Training weekend, one of the trainees opened up about a conversation she had with her father. When she started to share some of her new ideas of involving less intervention and trusting the woman’s innate ability to birth, her father expressed...

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04 May Tuesday Tip! “I Get By with a Little Help From My Friends”

During and after pregnancy are great times to call upon your friends for a little extra help. Mamas-to-be When you are at a loss of what kind of stroller to get or contemplating if you really need 5 different kinds of nursing bras, reach out to your...

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29 Apr Having the Birth You Want: Are You Setting Yourself Up For Success?

I recently attended a moving and incredibly supportive workshop for expectant parents and birth workers about VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and cesarean births. Choices in Childbirth, a well respected childbirth advocacy group, gathered a versatile group of speakers including VBAC moms, Sarah Pancake- a...

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12 Apr Your Birthing History

Last night, a friend and I were discussing the different factors that help shape one’s perception of birth. There are so many influences that come into play: depictions of labor and birth in movies and TV, friends reliving their birth stories and family members sharing...

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