13 Jun Not Sure About Your Doctor? What To Do!

Recently after one of my Prenatal classes, a discussion formed between two students and myself; one of the women was 14 weeks, the other 25 weeks along. The students were having second thoughts about the care providers they had chosen and were thinking, at this...

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04 Jun Stabilize the Sacrum

To help identify if you are having SI (sacroiliac) joint pain, you can palpate your lower back and identify the sacrum- the flat part of the lower back above your tailbone. To the left and right of the sacrum is a small dimple, this...

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21 May Eating During Labor Should Not Be Forbidden

In the movies and on TV, laboring women are often depicted as panting, sweaty and sucking on ice chips. Luckily, that image can finally change! After years of food and fluid intake being restricted for women in labor, there has been a closer scientific look...

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14 May Interesting Articles Worth Reading!

It seems there has been a small explosion of pregnancy, parenting and baby articles in the news recently. I wanted to connect our community with a few I think are worth your time. Happy reading! Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mothers’ Brains The...

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30 Apr Maternity Practices in the United States

Last weekend in our Prenatal yoga teacher training, we were discussing the homework the students were asked to complete. They were to write an essay on labor induction and the rise of cesarean births in our country. Though the sources varied, all the students arrived...

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11 Apr Meconium Happens!

What is Meconium? This thick, blackish-green tar like substance is considered your baby's first stool. Meconium is created from the combination of amniotic fluid, lunugo, mucus, bile, and shed cells that line your baby's intestines throughout your pregnancy. It usually does not pass...

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