July 21, 2020

Navigating Constant Togetherness as Parents and Partners

During these unusual times, we are asking so much more of ourselves, our partners and our children.

How much constant togetherness can people handle before resentment sets in and everyone gets itchy for alone time? How does one parent under what feels like “house arrest” ? What can you do when you feel lonely and isolated? How can you still get your personal needs met? 

In this episode of Yoga|Birth|Babies, I speak with Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the mother of two young children Michelle Canarick about navigating constant togetherness as a parent and partner. Michelle offers valuable insight into the struggles people are feeling with constant companionship and how to “parent” well under these circumstances.

In this episode:

  • Learn about Michelle and her work.
  • How this experience of social distancing has been for Michelle and her family.
  • As a therapist, the biggest struggles for individuals, couples and families she’s been hearing about with this constant togetherness?
  • How to handle the lack of personal space.
  • What to do when feeling irritable and short fused.
  • How to prevent disagreements from escalating with constant togetherness.
  • Suggestions for parents to “parent” well under these circumstances, especially as boundaries have gotten very blurry. 
  • Helping parents deal with anxiety and behavior issues from their children during these challenging times. 
  • Ways to deal with isolation and loneliness along with the responsibility of parenting. 
  • Parenting solo or along side a partner who may be unable to help. 
  • Ways to nurture relationships during this time with partners and kids.
  • Where you can find her work.

About Michelle:

Michelle Canarick is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the mother of two young children. Michelle completed her doctorate in clinical psychology at the Derner Insititute of Advanced Psychological Services and gained professional experience at three major NYC hospitals as well as the Hallowell Center and teaching at Barnard College. With over 13 years of providing children, adolescents and adults with therapy, and through her own experience, she has gained a specific passion for supporting NYC mothers in the experience of building their families. Currently, she provides support to mothers and adolescents through her private practice on the Upper West Side and various parenting workshops. Her approach is grounded in the concept of empathy and providing practical techniques to help families thrive.

Additional Episodes with Michelle:

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