Life After Loss, A Story of Miscarriage and Moving Forward

Life After Loss, A Story of Miscarriage and Moving Forward

In this episode of “Yoga | Birth | Babies” Dr. Michelle Canarick and I have an intimate discussion of loss, as we explore what is was like to move through and forward after a miscarriage. Touching on our personal experiences and Michelle’s professional experience as a psychologist she offers comfort and advice for grieving mothers and their partners.

In this episode:

  • Michelle and Deb discuss their miscarriage experiences.
  • Medical options a woman has to deal with an incomplete miscarriage.
  • Advice for the woman who has had the miscarriage and has to face colleagues and friends who are pregnant, support can she find.
  • How often miscarriage happens.
  • Things to consider before trying again.
  • Fostering confidence in your body’s ability to carry a pregnancy full term.
  • Partners may process the experience differently, some ways to help the couple get through this experience together.
  • How to have an open a conversation with your partner so the mother doesn’t feel isolated by the experience.
  • How do partners grieve differently than the mother.
  • Who to tell you’re pregnant & when, an emotional perspective.

To read Michelle’s blog post referenced in this episode:

About Michelle:

Michelle Canarick is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the mother of two young children. As a psychotherapist and a mother, she empathizes with the experience of building a family and provides individual and group therapy to mothers, children, and adolescents through her private practice, NYC Mom Support, on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Her approach is grounded in the concept of empathy and providing practical techniques to help individuals and families thrive. Dr. Canarick has made multiple appearances on Good Morning America and speaks to parents with children of all ages on topics ranging from sleep training to setting limits with social media. Her other experiences include Bellevue Hospital, the Hallowell Center, the JCC of Manhattan, and the Ethical Culture/Fieldston School

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