September 26, 2016

Mindful Parenting with Hunter Clarke-Fields

For those of us as parents who find ourselves struggling to react calmly to our children’s myriad of behaviors and feel by the end of the day, we are overwhelmingly exhausted, this podcast is for you! Today’s guest is a Mindful Mama Mentor and creator of the podcast The Yoga Story Project, Hunter Clarke-Field. She and I dive deep into the subject of Mindful Parenting.

Personally, this conversation with Hunter inspired me to start my own 30 Day Mindful Parenting Challenge, which has forced me to take more responsibility for my actions and intentions as a parent. I have found the experience transformative! For those interested in this, checkout our social media on Facebook and Instagram under the hashtag #pycmindfulparenting .

In this episode:

  • What is Mindful Parenting?
  • Common missteps parents make and some tips as to how to avoid them
  • How to handling challenging behavior from your child(ren)
  • How to resolve feeling overwhelmed, over scheduled and completely exhausted
  • And take away tips to use right away for finding more peace and enjoyment as a parent.

Hunter is also leading an 8 week course on Mindful Parenting. For more information on this online course, check out You can also find Hunter on Facebook at

About Hunter:

Hunter Clarke-Fields, MSAE, E-RYT, is a mindfulness mama mentor. She coaches smart, accomplished, over-stressed individuals on how to cultivate mindfulness in their daily lives. Hunter has over 20 years of experience in yoga & mindfulness practices and is a certified teacher of Parent Effectiveness Training.



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