October 21, 2020

Healing from a Vaginal Birth with Morgan Michalowski

Birth in many respects is an ordeal for your body and mind. How much thought have you put into the healing process hours and days after your baby?

Often times, once the baby is introduced into the world and family, the birthing person’s needs fall by the side as the focus shifts to caring for this new life. 

In this episode of Yoga| Birth|Babies, we turn the attention back to the new parent and the path to healing both mind and body from a vaginal birth. (Don’t worry- there’s an episode dedicated to healing from a cesarean birth!) I speak with Morgan Michalowski, a certified nurse midwife, women’s health nurse practitioner, international board certified lactation consultant, doula, and mother about the road to recovery after a vaginal birth, including what is “normal” and when to seek help, healing from a tear, how much bleeding is to be expected and surprises that can happen in the shower! 

In this episode: 

  • Learn a bit about Morgan and what lead her to midwifery and birth work.
  • What is in the realm of “normal” for healing from a vaginal birth,
  • What someone can expect in terms of their pelvic floor and using the toilet after birth.
  • Hemorrhoids! 
  • Changes some people may experience with their pelvic floor and pelvic organs. 
  • Pelvic pain post birth: tailbone, sore hips and when to seek help from a Physical Therapist. 
  • Healing from an episiotomy or tear.
  • Postpartum bleeding, how much, how long, when is it too much?
  • Why does it feel like I just ran a marathon? The aches and pains some may feel after birth.
  • The post birth adrenaline high and the big drop that comes soon after.
  • Recommendations for nourishing the mind and body after birth.
  • Prep work and suggestions Morgan offers her clients leading up to their birth. 
  • Finding a balance between moving, getting your blood flowing and over doing reemerging into the world. 
  • A tip/piece of advice Morgan has for new and expectant parents.
  • Where you can find Morgan’s work. 

About Morgan:

Morgan Michalowski is a certified nurse midwife, women’s health nurse practitioner, international board certified lactation consultant, doula, mother, and the founder of Gravida, a postpartum and return to work program. Morgan has more than a decade of experience working with new moms. Morgan currently lives in Chicago with her husband and daughter.

Connect with Morgan:

  • IG: @Postpartum_Midwife

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