August 11, 2021

Healing from a Traumatic Birth with Kristin Lasseter, MD

1 in 3 new parents report their birth as traumatic. This leaves a tremendous amount of new parents adjusting to new parenthood while also overcoming an emotionally traumatizing event. Sometimes the healing is never resolved and subsequent pregnancies and births can bring up past traumatic feelings. 

This week’s episode of Yoga|Birth|Babies was inspired by conversations within our community. Students spoke up about the wounds they carried and their concerns of repeating a challenging birth.  Kristin Lasseter, Board-Certified Psychiatrist who specializes in Reproductive Psychiatry and Women’s Mental Health helps address how healing can begin. She also shares primary symptoms that may arise that can indicate birth trauma as well as ways to mourn the vision of the birth that didn’t happen. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • About Kristin and how she came to focus on reproductive psychiatry. 
  • Mentally preparing for labor after a challenging first birth. 
  • Healing from a traumatic or difficult birth.
  • Primary symptoms of birth trauma.
  • Ways someone can process their birth especially if it was challenging.
  • The importance of mourning the birth someone didn’t have that they wish they did.
  • Can you re-traumatize yourself if you talk about a past trauma with a therapist or friend?
  • Ways to avoid blaming yourself for the experience. 
  • Signs that it’s time to seek professional help after a difficult birth.
  • How to manage anxiety about possibility repeating a challenging first birth. 
  • How to prepare and involve your care provider and hospital staff in creating a safe and supportive space for your birth. 
  • The importance of doula support, education, and picking a care provider you resonate with.
  • One final tip or piece of advice Kristin has for new/expectant parents.
  • Where you can find Kristin’s work! 

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  • PATTCh – Prevention and Treatment of Traumatic Childbirth Prevention and Treatment of Traumatic Childbirth (PATTCh) is a collective of birth and mental health experts dedicated to the prevention and treatment of traumatic childbirth, including Penny Simkin, a nationally known pioneer in the areas of both birth support and in trauma and childbirth. Professionals will find many helpful facts and resources at the PATTCh website.

About Kristin Lasseter, MD:

Kristin Lasseter, MD is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist in Texas who specializes in Reproductive Psychiatry and Women’s Mental Health. She is the founder of Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic of Austin, which hosts multiple psychiatrists and psychotherapists specializing in mental health encompassing the reproductive life span, and treats people all over Texas. Dr. Lasster is also the medical director of the Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas and volunteers much of her time to raising awareness about reproductive mental health to the public and to other medical providers through speaking engagements and social media.

Connect with Kristin:

  •  @the.reproductive.psychiatrist (instagram & FB), 
  • @therepropsych (twitter)

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