April 2, 2018

Community Birth Stories with Emeline Foster

Today on Yoga| Birth|Babies I speak with PYC community member, Emeline Foster.  Emeline is a second time mother who openly shares her struggles with deciding if she should have a second cesarean or explore a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  Emeline is open and honest about her experience and the challenges she faced along with adjusting to life as her family expanded with the birth of her son.  Being a French citizen, she also gives some humorous insight on the cultural differences   between birth and parenthood in the US compared to her home country.  Please enjoy our talk!

In this Episode:

  • A little bit about Emeline and what brought her to NYC.
  • Life as a mother of two!
  • How her two pregnancies differed.
  • Her decision process in choosing to have a VBAC or another cesarean.
  • Her search for the right care provider.
  • The different experiences she had in her first and second birth.
  • The differences she noticed between parenting and birth in France compared to the US.
  • Tips for the PYC community.

About Emeline:

Emeline Foster is a French citizen who’s been living in NY for the past 6 years. As a native of Bordeaux, France, Emeline first worked and lived in Paris where she met her American husband. Moving to New York in 2011, Emeline became the Chief of Staff to the Consul General of France, a position she held for four years before she became in 2017 the Executive Director of The French-American Foundation in New York.  She is the happy mother of a wonderful five-year-old little girl, Lily and the new mum to Marcel, 2 and a half weeks old.



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