January 8, 2020

Community Birth Story: The Importance of Self Advocacy with Jessie Katz

Can you imagine the need to be the main advocate for yourself in the middle of labor and directly postpartum? Or being pushed into the situation to go head to head with the hospital staff just to see your baby?

That is exactly what happened to Jessie Katz. In the middle of her labor and directly postpartum, Jessie was able to find the clarity and strength to loudly and speak up for what she knew was right for her body and baby. Jessie credits this ability to be her self advocate to the time spent properly educating herself about the pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This strong sense of belief in herself allowed her to push her wishes forward just to have her baby back from the nursery when the hospital staff resisted this request.

In this episode:

  • Learn about Jessie. 
  • Jessie’s three pregnancies and births and how they differed.
  • What Jessie learned from each experience. 
  • How having information and education impacted how Jessie’s births unfolded. 
  • What Jessie advocated for during her birth and postpartum 
  • What surprised Jessie most about how each birth occurred. 
  • How Jessie was able to be grounded and advocate for herself within the whirlwind of just giving birth. 
  • Advice Jessie offers to other parents who are preparing for birth and want to assure their wishes and desires are heard and respected.
  • The key elements best prepared Jessie for each birth.
  • Her healing process both physically and emotionally from birth to birth and how that differed.
  • One final tip for new or expectant parents. 


Manhattan Schoolhouse warmly welcomes families to a Reggio Emilia inspired school where every child’s intellectual, emotional, social and moral potential is thoughtfully cultivated in an environment of trust and partnership between parents, educators, children and community.

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