August 8, 2018

Birth With Confidence

“All birthing people will face a crisis of confidence at some point during a physiological labor.”  This one powerful discussion point still sticks out in my mind from my juicy conversation with childbirth educator, doula and counsellor, Rhea Dempsey.

In this episode of Yoga| Birth| Babies, Rhea and I dive deep into the world of birth, ways to truly prepare for birth, and embracing functional pain as part of the process.  She also reveals what a crisis of confidence is during birth and how to get to the other side.

Please enjoy this lively and informational conversation!

In this episode:

  • What brought Rhea to birth work.
  • The 3 Cs – control, comfort, convenient.
  • How the 3 Cs come into daily life and how they may or may not support birth.
  • Functional pain and how that is different then pathological pain.
  • How working with pain, not suffering, can benefit the laboring person.
  • Embracing functional physiological pain when many people demonize labor pain or pity the laboring person for going through it.
  • How to support people during labor.
  • How to not be scared of big sensations and the experience one is going through.
  • Recognizing the affect of the support team’s attitude about birth and pain.
  • Preparation for physiological birth.
  • The three preparations for labor.
  • Social conditioning to responding to pain in labor.
  • What is pain dynamic ?
  • Explanation of “Crisis of confidence”
  • Preparing to get past a crisis of confidence
  • The “3 attitudes of birth” among birthing people
  • Finding Rhea’s work!

About Rhea Dempsey:

Rhea Dempsey is an Independent Birth Educator, Birth Attendant (Doula), Trainer, Counsellor and Author.

She is a highly sought after childbirth educator, speaker, counselor and birth attendant (doula) with experience at over 1000 births. With adult daughters and grandchildren of her own, Rhea’s understanding of birth has been gained over four decades of working with pregnant women, their partners, support people, midwives and medical practitioners, in home and hospital settings.

She is recognized as an insightful commentator on the difficulties women, who have a yearning for normal physiological birth, face in navigating the present birth culture. She is also respected as one of Australia’s foremost thinkers on the topic of working with pain in childbirth and its connection to normal physiological birth.

Her book, Birth with Confidence: savvy choices for normal birth, as well as giving a clear account of the challenges faced by contemporary birthing women, also maps out a path to powerful birthing experiences.


Connect with Rhea:


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